What Are The Benefits And Features Of Frost Blanket

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What Is Frost Blanket?

Frost Blanket ( floating row cover) is an environment-friendly material, which is popular among horticulture and agriculture. The frost blanket is made of PP, which will decompose within 5 years. When burned, it is non-toxic and without any residual substances, so it is a real no-pollute environment material. It has the advantages of Air-permeable, waterproof, environmental protection, flexible, non-toxic and tasteless, cheap, and so on.


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Frost Blanket ( floating row cover)

What Are The Benefits And Features Of Frost Blanket?

Recently, With the fast development of the Mature fruit trees industry, How to anti-frost and keep fruit quality at the same time has been an important problem that Orchard farmers are focus on. Sale the fruit in frost season can increase the planting income than normal growing seasons. If the citrus sales at 2 dollars in summer, The price would be 4 dollars in winter. That is an obvious phenomenon and it makes increasing production and protects the fruit away from frost damage.

A. Cold protection and heat preservation: The frost blanket increases the temperature inside the shed (the temperature difference between inside and outside the shed can reach 3-5 degrees), which can prevent low temperature and frost damage.

B. Breathable: Prevent high temperature in the membrane from causing fruit shrinkage and flower bud degradation. Frost blanket can improve citrus. Sugar Tangerine fruit quality and fruit yield.

C. Improve the appearance of fruits: the light transmittance is as high as 85%, and the sunlight is diffusely reflected, such as citrus, the fruits are bright and uniform in color and good in appearance.

D. Reduce the shrinkage of citrus and sugar tangerines in the mature period, increase the sugar content and moisture, increase the taste, and increase the price of the fruit.

E. Reduce costs. It can be covered directly without scaffolding. It saves time, reduces costs, and covers and recycles the frost blanket very efficiently.

F. High utilization rate. Frost blanket can be used repeatedly for 3 years (the specific use time is related to the local ultraviolet intensity)

G. Maintain soil moisture. The frost blanket can improve the microenvironment of the soil and increase the yield by 13%.

H. Waterproof. Protect crops from being affected by freezing rain.

What Is The Application Of Frost Blanket?

A. Protection of new plants over the winter and cold, Frost Blanket is suitable for windscreen and hedge, color block, and other plants.

B. Covering of the exposed site (to prevent dust). Expressway slope protection, etc.

C. When trees, flowers, and shrubs are transplanted, they are used for earth ball wrapping and mulching, etc.

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Sewing part of frost blanket.


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